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Principal Message

Vananchal College of Nursing was started to improve the standards of nursing service through quality education. We have grown to be one of the largest nursing institutions in the country and the best in the state of Jharkhand, under the guidance and support of Management of NPU. We offer programs starting from ANM, GNM,.Our college has recognition from Jharkhand State Nursing Council and Indian Nursing council.

College is equipped with qualified and competent teachers, good physical infrastructure, Library, and most importantly students get the opportunity for clinical learning in parent teaching hospitals. Nursing students do have the benefit of contributions from interdisciplinary teaching faculty and ample opportunity for extracurricular activities. We are proud to say that all our alumni are on jobs in various hospitals and nursing institutes in Jharkhand state and also in surrounding states.

I warmly invite you to be a proud nursing student of Vananchal College of Nursing.

MS. Dibya Tiru (M.Sc.)
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