About Vananchal Institute of Health Education and Research

Vananchal Institute of Health education and Research offers a variety of professional paramedical and health courses to create a cadre of trained paramedical / allied health personnel for providing efficient health care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. VIHER provides a unique combination of opportunities, excellence, choices and experience. The Institute will provide quality and market oriented paramedical & health education to young aspirants. The institute will address the issue of scarcity of trained / skilled manpower in various sectors.

These courses will go a long way in addressing the imbalance between demand and supply for trained health work-force. These trained personnel would be of utmost importance in addressing the issue of scarcity of skilled and trained professionals in various fields. It is pertinent to note that the society today is at the doorstep of a global challenge.The areas identified by our think-tanks are “global standards in Paramedical and professional health education and training.

The Institute will offer quality paramedical & health education to the students. We would be dedicated to tackle the matter of dearth of skilled manpower in different sectors. The education imparted by the institute will prepare you to an exhilarating and gratifying profession as a paramedic.

  • To provide trained & skilled health manpower needed to aid and support the highly trained professionals.
  • To cope up with the ever increasing demand of qualified health manpower.
  • Training and Development as a tool of management for acquisition of competence, skills and knowledge, all of which are required to run any good health care system.
  • To be used by working employees to increase their proficiency, to absorb new knowledge and to further get oriented to the fast changing organizational policies, services and technology.
  • To upgrade the employees for more responsible jobs thereby doing away with regular problems and labour turnover.
  • To improve morale, motivation, spirit of personnel.
  • The Vananchal Institute of Health Education & Research have taken a real challenge in helping to all alleviate the crises in manpower situation and in providing assistance for developing quality manpower for support of Medical Services. The Institute play a key role towards achieving the universal Goal of Health for All.
  Recognition: (Jharkhand Govt.)

There is an act enacted by the Government of Jharkhand to control and regulate institutions of Medical Sciences called The Bihar State Medical Institution [Regulation & Control] Act – 1981. According to the provisions of this Act, no Institution of Medical or Para-medical sciences can be established without prior permission of the Health and Medical Education Department of the State Government. The Vananchal Educational & Welfare Trust® keeping with the provision and proforma of the Act applied for permission in the year 2004. After the needful formalities and procedures, Department of Health & Family Welfare & Medical Education, Govt. of Jharkhand gave its kind permission to the organisation to start the institute namely ‘Vananchal Institute of Health Education & Research’ for admission in paramedical diploma courses vide Order No. – Order No. – 3/नर्सिंग – 5 – 11/04- 271/Hc dated 15/12/04 & 3/नर्सिंग – 5 – 11/04- 272 (Hc) dated 15/12/04.

  Appointment of Government Nominee :

The Health & Medical Education Department, Government of Jharkhand has appointed the Civil Surgeon-cum-Chief Medical Officer/Additional Civil Surgeon-cum-Chief Medical Officer / Deputy Superintendent of Sadar Hospital, Garhwa, Govt. of Jharkhand as Ex-Officio Government Nominee in the Examination Board of the institute for Diploma Courses Vide letter No.– 3/नर्सिंग – 5 – 11/04- 271/Hc dated 15/12/04 & 3/नर्सिंग – 5 – 11/04- 272 (Hc) dated 15/12/04.

  Principal Message

Your time as a student is one of the most exciting and challenging periods in your life, so choosing the right college is an important decision.At this Institute, we offer you plenty of variety in your studies. We break down barriers between traditional teachings. We encourage intellectual thinking and self reliance skills that are highly prized in the worlds of works and research. We are a leading paramedical college and the benefit of cutting edge research to our programmes is invaluable: in the caliber of our teaching staff, the availability of innovative and fascinating teaching methods, in the opportunities it provide to learn from senior teaching staff at the forefront of their subjects.

Vananchal Institute of Health education and Researchis proud of its reputation as one of the best paramedical College.

I hope this web page will help you decide whether Vananchal Institute of Health education and Research is right for you. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us or come to one of our open days.

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Dr. P. D. Tiwary (Principal)